Core Partners

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USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

With local offices throughout rural Virginia (click here to find NRCS office near you), NRCS’s mission is to help people help the land nationwide.  NRCS provides technical and financial assistance to help Virginia farmers and landowners implement a wide range of conservation practices on private lands.

Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE)

The outreach arm of Virginia’s Land Grant Colleges Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, VCE has Extension Agents serving every county in Virginia (click here to find VCE office near you). VCE relies on research-based information and educational programs to help improve the lands and lives of Virginia citizens.

Virginia No-Till Alliance (VANTAGE)

A new farmer-led non-profit organization, VANTAGE is dedicated to helping keep Virginia cropland farmers supplied with the latest information on no-till farming, cover crops, and related practices.  VANTAGE began in the Shenandoah Valley but is rapidly spreading to other crop production regions of Virginia.

Virginia Forage & Grassland Council (VFGC)

A farmer-led non-profit organization, VFGC has been helping provide cutting edge technical information to Virginia pasture managers for more than 30 years.  VFGC provides information to hundreds of members through regular meetings, The Forager newsletter, and website.

Shenandoah Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council

The Shenandoah RC&D Council sponsors and promotes projects and programs that improve quality of life and sustainable use of natural resources, primarily in the Shenandoah River Watershed, by providing volunteer leadership, technical resources, and financial assistance.

New River-Highlands Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council

The New River-Highlands RC&D Council promotes the management of natural resources for the enhancement of the quality of life and environment in the New River-Highlands Region of southwest Virginia.

The Downstream Project (TDP)

The mission of The Downstream Project is to promote natural resource conservation by stimulating awareness, action, and alliances through visual arts and technology. Our omnimedia approach aims to increase awareness of environmental issues at local and regional levels and how they cumulatively affect us globally.“We all live downstream.”